Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Plan4Boats Intro : Build Your Own Boat

Plan4Boats Intro : Build Your Own Boat

Know the secret how to build your own boat without specific expertise..The field of boat design is an area of less attention and is considered a relatively new field. However, expertise and design skills and boat-building has existed since time immemorial again. The story of Alexander The Great sailing across the Persian Gulf clearly proves that the boat making skills have long been developed. Community involvement in the field of boat design is also not well received. Not many company offer to sell boatbuilding kits especially to beginner boatbuilder. We need boat building courses that show step-by-step how to build your own boat.
The field of boat design would cost too high ?
No expertise and skills in design and build a boat ? 
Construction of a boat which would take too long ? 

Many questions arise when discussing the field of boat design. The boat is one of the main vehicle in the path of ocean and river water. Some places can be addressed using the road. In the ocean and the river, the boat became one of the main vehicles. Those living in the river and the ocean environment have learned from their ancestors. Skills and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation. They get unformal boat building courses and be the fundamental to the construction easy method to us how to build your own boat without specific expertise.

Various reforms have taken place in terms of boat design from basic boat as a vehicle in the water at one time. Now various traces boat design was introduced in parallel with the development of the modern world. Various types of boats designed for various purposes. Among them for navigation, fishing, speedboat competitions and much more.

This boat design field is growing over time. Many have tried to venture into this field, but failed to find the right resources in the field of boat design. In addition to the hobby, this area also has a unique business opportunity and less competition. Find the proper boat building courses to get more benefits and get valueble knowledge about boat building. Learn the easy guidelines to build your own boat without spesific expertise.  

Not many people have the knowledge and experience in boat design, Daniel Holden professional boat builder has provided the best package for those interested in boat design. Packages boat building courses produced by the skills, experience and knowledge for over 20 years Daniel Holden as a professional boat builder.  

Daniel Holden offer boatbuilding courses in Plans4Boats

  • No matter whether you're a beginner or a seasoned boat builder.
  • No matter whether you're building your first boat or your 10th project.
  • No matter if you do not have the DIY skills, knowledge or aptitude for building
  • No matter how many instructional books, plans & blueprints you've bought...   

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  1. Once your boat has been hauled, you'll want to fog the cylinders on gasoline engines and flush the engine's raw water cooling system with non-toxic antifreeze (if you don’t have a closed cooling system, you may need to drain the engine block first). Open all thru-hulls, check your shaft, strut, cutlass bearing, props, intake screens and anodes. Check the hull for blisters. Change the gear lube in lower units. Clean and disconnect the batteries. Some boat owners remove the batteries so they can charge them at home over the winter. Others make sure the batteries are fully charged before haul-out and leave then in the boat. Wash the deck and hull. Cover the exhaust and any holes to keep critters from getting in your boat.
    points of sail