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Boat Building Plans

Natali4Boat Boat Building Plans 

Spending a lazy afternoon on the lake with the boat swaying to the music of nature can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. However, if the vessel is one that has been built personally, there will also be a deep sense of pride and accomplishment present. Not only is it possible to build a wooden boat as a DIY hobby activity, but it can be also be turned into a family event; particularly, if there are children involved. Below is a look at how to build a boat.

Let start your boat building plans !

Required Materials:

"              10 boards: 1" 14 feet long and 14 inches wide
"              2 boards of Pine/Cedar: 1" 13 feet long and 14 inches wide
"              Oak piece: 1" 2.5 feet long and 10 inches wide will be known as oak piece 1
"              Oak piece: 2.5" 16 inches long and 8 inches wide will be known as oak piece 2
"              1 Inch Wood screws
"              2 Inch Galvanized wood nails
"              Wood sealer- water proof
"              Caulking gun and caulk
"              Paint brush
"              Backsaw
"              Hammer
"              Drill

Step 1 Boat Building Plans : Preparing the Oak Panels

Begin by cutting grooves on both sides of oak piece 2 which will accommodate the side boards. Place the board diagonally and use the backsaw to cut grooves that are at least 11/2 inch deep and directly across from each other. This oak panel will serve as the front stem of the boat.

Step 2 Boat Building Plans : Preparing for the Stern 

For the stern, use oak piece 1; the pieces of the stern will need to be cut diagonally in such a way that you get a width of 22 inches at the bottom and 28 inches across the top. The boards should have a quadrangular shape.

Step 3 Boat Building Plans : Preparing the Cross board and the Sideboards

You will also need to cut out a cross board from pine which is 4 feet in length on top, 3.5 feet in length at the bottom and 1 feet wide; the shape should be the same as that of the oak piece. For the sideboards use the two boards of pine or cedar, cut in the same size and shape as the cross board. However, ensure that the wood is knot free so that it bends easily and evenly. This will form the bow.

Step 4 Boat Building Plans : Putting the Sideboards and Stem Together

The sideboards should then be placed in such a way that their ends meet the grooves in the stem. Flush the bottom end of the stem with that of the side boards. Ensure that the ends fit in snuggly in the grooves and secure the assembly with woodwork brass screws.

Step 5 Boat Building Plans : Attaching the Sideboards to the Stern

The crossboard will have to be placed midway between the ends of the side board with the longer side on top; fasten this with nails and use a rope with a stout stick to pull in the side boards by twisting the rope. At this point the side pieces should join the stern board; secure them together with nails.

Step 6 Boat Building Plans : Preparing for Bottom Board Installation

The structure should then be turned over, so that the bottom edges of the side boards can be made flat with a plane, giving the vessel a smooth bearing. Now, nail the bottom boards and cover the joints with a sealer or lead paint before fastening them. Place a bottom board which is 7/8 inch thick and 8 inches wide on the inside; this will help to stiffen the bottom. When driving the nails in to install the bottom board ensure that they are driven from the inside with the ends turned over. Needless to say, you will have to take out the crossboard to do this.

Step 7 Boat Building Plans : Almost Done

Use brackets in the corner of the boat where the stern and the sideboards meet to enhance security. Also, you can nail a piece of wood on the top edges till the seats are placed in.

Step 8 Boat Building Plans : Putting in the Seats 

Nail cleats in the stern about 4 inches below the top edge; the cleats should be parallel to the top meant for the seat. Use 14 inch wide boards to make the seats. Add another seat 5 feet from the stern towards the top edge and a third in between the second seat and the bow.

Step 9 Boat Building Plans : Securing Rowlocks

Fit in two gunwales about 2.5 inches wide that run along the entire length of the boat and across the stern. Ensure that you give the boat a finished look as you fit the strips.

Step 10 Boat Building Plans : Installing the Keel

Oak keels will be needed for the boat, so that the structure is steadier. The keel should be 2 inches deep and 7/8 inch thick, running from the stem to the stern of the boat with a triangular piece reserved for the stern.

Step 11 Boat Building Plans : The Final Step 

Finally, use a waterproof sealer on the joints of the boat. Ensure that the sealer penetrates deep between the boards sealing the seams and joints. The sealer will need to be applied on both sides of the boat, using a thick coat. It will take a good week for the coating to dry completely and then the boat will be ready for a buoyancy test.

When working on your how to build a boat project, diligence will be an important element. If you cannot find an hour to put into the project each day, work judiciously over the weekend and it should not take more than a few weeks to complete the boat. This guide has been laid out as simply as possible but you will find Plans4Boats more helpful as it contains blue prints and illustrations. 

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